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can i make a ss hood from a stock hood?

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i have a 69 and wanted the ss hood look,,can any one tell me if my stock flat hood will work,,just useing the ss inserts?or do i need to get a ss hood?
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if you just want it to look like it from the outside you could just measure and drill the holes for mounting the SS louvers.
i wanted to do the same thing to my hood, but on ss hoods the back hood braces underneath arent bent back a tad to clear the studs coming from the bottom of the louver..

i bought a set of org louvers they have some tabs broken off so ill fab something up but as of yet havent tried to line them up yet
FWIW....The front holes for the hood louvers are actualy punched through all hood bracing at the factory they just dont punch the outter skin on a non SS hood. Sooo just find the holes in the bracing and drill them through from the underside of the hood....all that is then left to do is line up your hood louvers with those holes mark the remaining studs and drill the holes...too measuring required....;)........the only other real difference with the SS hood is the rear louver studs have a support bracket that is spot welded I believe to the rear underhood bracing......this part is repoped and is just have to look for what I have just described and you will have turned a non SS hood into an SS hood ;)

Good luck. :)
nova people helping nova people,,i like that,,and i found the holes,,now my job will be ez..tx to you guys,,tx again,,very cool
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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