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Hey guys, I would like y’alls help. I’m starting to plan my 383 stroker build for my 72 Nova. I have a 4 bolt main 1 piece seal roller block .060 over, so I’m wanting to use a hydraulic roller cam. I’ve pretty much decided on a Scat rotating assembly their 9000 crank and forged rods and pistons 10.5/1 compression. Also AFR 195 Enforcer heads. I’m running the first gen Edelbrock Pro Flo fuel injection on the 350 now and plan to swap it over to the stroker. Transmission is a M22 with 3.73 gears out back. 1-3/4” headers with 2-1/2” exhaust. It will be ran on the street probably will never see the track. That’s a rich man’s sport. 😂 Redline would be set at around 6500RPM. Would like to be in the 450hp range and of course a nice sounding exhaust. Your options would be appreciated. Am I on the right track or about to drive off a cliff?

I’ve been looking at either:
Comp cams
XR288HR 110LSA or
Mutha Tumpr with 1.6 ratio rockers (I don’t think it has enough lift at 1.5)

Thank you in advance
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