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Buying my first nova.

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I'am going to look at a '73 nova on saturday. Was looking for a '68-'72, but this seems to be nice car for 2,000$$ Any opinions on this year? Will a front grill from the previous year fit without changing fenders and hood? Car is a one owner 307, th350. Needs a trunk pan and new weather stipping. Does the price sound fair? Soory for all the questions, but I know nothing about the nova... Thanks for your time.

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you can make those cars look good the way they are...if you want it to look like a 70-72 your going to have to change the front clip..which may cost some coin...$2,000 isnt bad for a running driving first nova was a 73 and i loved it
You should not have to replace the whole front clip. You would need to get the 68-72 headlamp bezels, grill, and eyebrows. The center grill support where the hood latch assy would need to be changed out also. I have 73 fenders on my 72, they are the same. You just have to drill a couple of new holes in the fender to mount the eyebrows correctly. I am putting a 73/74 radiator support in the 69 I am working on now. All of the holes are the same as far as attachment goes with a few extras for the 73 up because of the different grill attachment etc. I have owned a 73 and a 74 prev and now own a 69,70 and a 72. You will also have to get the bumper filler for the 68-72 and the correct bumper also. You will need to drill one new hole on each side of the subframe to attach the 68-72 front bumper. The hole closest to the front is ok, but the rear one for the bumper will have to be redrilled.
Thanks for the replys. The car runs and drives well, so if I buy, it will be nice budget project and driver. Better gas milage than my 'velle! Will the third-gen 16" Iroc wheels fit this car? Thanks again.
Anyone know about the wheels? Thanks again for any help. If all goes well, I will post some pic's sunday.
I think the iroc wheels will fit. I have seen third gen novas with those wheels on them. You may need to change wheel studs or lug nuts as I think the iroc's are metric thread on the studs. If you were anywhere near me, I would let you come over and try a set on the car. I have a complete 89 iroc z sitting here.
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