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build sheet

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Where would the build sheet for the nova wagon be at? Just trying to find out more on the car.
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Doesn't look like alot of Wagon owners are here yet! You might have to experiment on these questions and become the site Wagon expert for the next new guy with a wagon. Some places I would look are seat springs, behind interior trim panels, and under the carpet. All and all I'm just guessing like you would be doing!

Depending on the type of build sheet you're searching for, the above link has multiple manuals on all types of Chevy II's. I'm one of the few minorities out there who owns and is restoring a Wagon. A '64 Chevy II Wagon to be exact! I'm associated with a group of guys who are all Wagon enthusiast. One has a '56 Nomad, another has a '56 2-door Bel Air...all restored back to their glory days. They keep ribbing me because of the so-called non classic value of a Chevy II Wagon, yet it's more of a nostalgic project for me since it has been in the family since is was bought brand new off the lot in Austin, TX. So far I'm about 80% complete in the resto...I'm also converting the 194 I6 to a 327 V8. The body work and paint job itself is running me $12k...yikes! If interested I could send you some pics. Hope this helps.........
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