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Bogging Situation

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I have a 76 nova that I drag race. After each pass the car tries to die when I make the turn off at the end of the track. I have to feather the throttle to keep it from dying out. Any suggestions or anything I could add to this problem woul be appreciated. [email protected] all motor.
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i had a similiar situation on my drag car(ford mustang), and found out my fuel pump couldn't keep up(bg 280). car would launch wheels up and then bog. switched to a holley 500 and problem solved. my engine builder said bowls(holley 780) would drain on launch and pump could not keep up. just a thought...
sounds like it may be trying to flood a little since it is at the end of the pass .check fuel pressure it may be a little to high and off corse float levels.try raising idle just a little if you havent already
76 was thinking of your car today and if you dont have a hose run from your frontvent tube to the rear vent tube gas maybe coming out of vent tube causing it to flood if you are having to put on the brakes hard after a pass
Tried the vent tube thing. Still trying to die out.
My 66 was doing this. Runs fine for complete run. When coming to a stop (slowing) for the turn around, it would want to die and have to feather the throttle, exactly as you are describing. I believe what finally fixed this condition was when we added Evac hose from the valve cover cap vent out through the headers (also replaced a completely restricted *new* valve cover cap). This helped keep a negative pressure (vaccuum) in the crank-case. Not sure exactly why this condition was causing the engine to die after a run, but it did help mine. Of course, if you already have a good Evac system.... hmmm

I'll talk to my dad and see if he remembers anything else we did that helped correct this. It was early last season when we were chasing it.

HTH, let us know if you get it fixed -- and what fixed it.

Good luck
Lee Roberson
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