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black magic extreme

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a++++ i have a 31x19 griffin radiator and with it being so big it was hard to find a nice fan that fit most of the rad, this just came out and it actually has a bigger shroud than just the regular black magic.

when it kicks on its real quiet and it pulls 3300 cfm, i have it set to kick on at 195, car never over heated with 105 temps out today

here are some pics on fitment

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Lookin good. What kind of hoses are they? Are they metal?

Maybe I need to rig one of them fans up to ME. I was overheating by 11AM.
ya wouldn't happen ta have a link to that company would ya ???

looks like a pretty nice set up ;)
SHIFTY4 said:
ya wouldn't happen ta have a link to that company would ya ???

looks like a pretty nice set up ;)
they are metal hoses, i bought from a local car show, but i had to buy some more and ended up getting them from summit.i think i paid $65 for the kit

and used a hack saw to cut them to length
Looks good! I'm running a standard Black Magic on my car with a 27" wide radiator and it leaves a little bit unshrouded, but a friend with a 71 Nova just replaced his old black magic with the new extreme one on his car, and it looks great and covers almost the entire radiator! We're going to take it to the track this weekend to see if it makes any difference, and I may get one as well.

I owned one of the first unit out. If you flip the blade it will increase air flow by 5% is what their inside tech told me.
Nice! :thumbsup:

We are installing a Flexalite 295 on a big block Chevelle with a 4-core Harrison radiator. I'll post later how that turns out.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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