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Bench Seat & T56

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I haven't seen anyone doing a LSx swap with T56 and attempting to keep a bench seat. However, I'm restoring the interior of my base '68 to near factory look, and I'd like to keep the bench seat. Possible? Or will I end up having to notch the seat?
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i'll venture a guess that if the t56 is anything like the TKO then it'll be a matter of the shift handle. it might not be the exact "Performance" handle you'd like to use but i'm thinking you might be able to install one that'd clear the bench.

i have a TKO in my '64 ChevyII with buckets so i'm gauging off that... maybe i'm helping, maybe not.
here's an album of the Muncie & TKO side by side:

then you can look at this website and compare the TKO600 5spd with the T56 6spd (both are Tremec Transmissions)

scroll for info...

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bench seats and 4spds are cool!!!
The tremec has different locations for the shifter. I don't think the t-56 does. I have seen a t-56 in a chevelle with a bench seat and slicks. Car ran 12.50's and looks/sounds like grandmas.

ANYWAYS, he did it with a shifter.
It appears D&D fits a custom-cast extension housing that includes a provision to use a GM-style mechanical speedometer drive and a GM trans mount. The shifter with this extension sits 2 inches farther forward than a typical LT1-style T56 trans.

Link to the whole aritcle click here
my dads 70 nova has a muncie m22 in it with the stock bench seat no modifications were done to it..bench seats and 4 speeds are the best.

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Lou Santiago did what you are doing on Muscel Car before they canned him. He had to make his own trans tunnel and bench seat to get it to fit. You acn look it up at and watch part of it. They have the whole project on DVD from start to finish entiltled "Project Blue Hair".

Big Dave
I got a TKO600 with benchseat in a 1969 Nova. Could get pics if you want.
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