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Basics of basics?

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Any chance MartinSr's basics of basics post could be stickied here too? A lot of Nova enthusiasts on other boards kind of miss out on that information because they really don't know where to get it. Its AWESOME stuff and really deserves to be seen anywhere it can. Might be a neat way to start posts or "conversation" in the bodyshop area of this new site! Just a suggestion :)
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HwyStarJoe said:
Good idea Buzz.
Thanks.. Just for the record, I'm not trying to take anything "exclusive" away from the Camaro board :) I know you are a regular over there.

Just suggested it because its awesome information that many Nova people ask about often on other sites. It could definitely spurn some topics for discussion.
Good idea guys... I created a thread with link to the techref article that has all of Brians basic's in it... Now if I could make it sticky it would be stuck...
COOL! Thanks for posting and stickying that!

I'll tell you. If MartinSr (Brian Martin) ever wrote a book with all the invaluable information he has posted at Team Chevelle and Team Camaro, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Having this here at Team Nova will be a great resource for those looking to tackle their own bodywork and paint.

That is just exactly what I am doing so I will look at the info.
JR- you will NOT find information this comprehensive or informative unless you go out and buy a book. Even then, not sure it could compare to MartinSr. Takes you all the way from stripping paint to the end. Hope you got ink :D! Then again, it was great for Dot to sticky it, so maybe you don't need ink ;)

These posts are one of the things that make/made the TC (now TN :) too ) team of sites so great.
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