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Anyone put a 6l80e in 68-72 nova?

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I need advice on this subject, if anyone has input it would be much appreciated. I cuttentlly am running a700r4 with shift kit and 2000 stall, 10 bolt and 4:10 gears with an eaton posi unit. I'm a California driver and the 6 speed would come in handy on the highway. Also a l92 is in the works as well and I can get the tranny with he engine. So, help?:) thanks alot!

Ps. The main thing I am concerned with is the size of the transmision compared to the 700r4 and if I will need to modify my trans tunnel. And the size of the pan and how low it may hang.
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It is actually smaller than a 4L80e dimensionally though it weights a bit more.

6L80E (with a 258mm converter) 211pounds (with a 300mm converter) 229 pounds overall length from bell housing face to the tailshaft 29-1/4” it uses a Th400 sized 31 spline (not 32 like like the TH400) and it is 25-3/4” inched from the front of the trans to the tranny mount location. They are found in the Corvette, GMC Yukon, Cadillac SST-V max and can handle a max of 413hp or 664 lbs. ft. of torque according to GM. Gearing is First gear 4.02, Second gear 2.36, Third gear 1.53, Fourth gear 1.15, Fifth gear 0.85, and Sixth gear is a 0.67:1. To use it in your car you will need a two series diferential as the Corvette final drive ratio is 2.56:1 due to it's ridiculous first gear ratio.

Since the larger in size 4L80e will fit in your Nova the 6L80e will fit (it will require a custom cross-member and drive shaft) but your biggest headache will be controling the transmission as there isn't anything available in the aftermarket yet to make it work (and the computer controls every facet of the transmission's operation including torque control).

Big Dave
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Thanks alot Big Dave!
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