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Hey guys, i'm from Team Chevelle and i figured i would check out this place.
I got a 70 Nova with a 377. I'm looking on doing alot to it thsi winter and was not sure of rear suspension. I have heard great things about cal tracs and was seeing what you guys thought. Heres my combo...

70 nova 3050 lbs w/o driver
509 400 block .060 over with 3.48 stroke
Yields 383 cubes
13.8:1 Forged TRW pistons
Comp solid cam....288 advertised [email protected] 550/570 lift ground on a 106
Holley 800DP 84/94 jets
Holley strip dominator intake
Brodix Race rites 200 heads 2.08 valves, gasket matched
TH350 tranny
5000 stall
12bolt rear with 4.56 gears
Subframe connectors
lakewood 90/10's up front and 50/50's in the rear
Its a mono leaf rear also

Anybody have an idea on what to try with my combo?
looking for low 11's on motor...i have a 200 shot but dont plan on useing it unless i have to

Thanks guys
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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