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any body tech guys?????

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if im going to instal 2 rear quarter panels.....i need some killer instructions....any actual body techs???
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Start by reading Brian Martins "Basics of Basics", then search for previous posts on quarter installs at Team Chevelle or Steve's Nova Site.

Once armed with this basic knowledge I can help guide you a little better.
lol...way ahead of you...i printed evrything out was thinking ..why isnt it possible to just cut a section of the wheel well out and repair the rust...then weld the section back in place?...
just make sure you have everything lined up BEFORE your first stitch of weld goes on or you can creat alot more work for yourself in a hurry!!.
Greg, (Technova )will be good help. He's an instructor at a com coll.
I just finished putting quarters on my 67 Nova. Just take your time a make sure everything fits together before you welding anything. I used sheet metal screws to hold everything together for fitting. This post is a little late but hope it helps someone. Good luck
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