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Anoth new member

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Just joined today. Currently a Team Member on the Camaro site
25 years of restoring camaros , and getting my feet wet into Novas.
Looking forward to have some fun with them
68 SS camaro matching
69 Z rollover abandoned dream
Looking for a Nova project
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Welcome Flynn69...I am also new here, but have been a Team Chevelle member for many years. I have a 67 Camaro in the garage that I still havn't had time to get to...maybe this year, and I'll be looking for help with it. Unfortunately, it needs floors, rockers, probabably quarters, etc...all the usual stuff. Im sure we'll talk again. John
Welcome flynn69, i also have Camaros,and a Chevelle (wife's) and love looking at Nova's and others...Great to see you here also..:thumbsup:
Hey Chris, I remember your camaro , i voted on it. Nice Ride..........
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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