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72 nova lenght of pos battery cable

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i have to buy a positive cable, car did not have one on it, battery to starter. thanks
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The factory used a 4 gauge wire routed down to the front of the engine and along the oil pan to get to the starter (I don't recommend doing this because of the heat that the header tubes will radiate). Like all factory wiring it was too short for hot rodding as there was no extra length to move things. Big blocks with tube headers are very hot and will melt the insulation if not protected with aftermarket heat shielding and extra room from the tubes. Because of this a stock cable from the Chinese auto parts store on the corner will not source you with a cable that is big enough to handle the electrical load nor long enough to route around the headers.

For length I used a vaccum hose or gas hose to route the wire were it needs to run to avoid the heat and then measured the length of the hose (I recommend hose to get a good bend radius over string, and because I had 25 foot spools of hose in the shop most of the time). I also used a 0 or 00 gauge cable to carry the electrical current without melting under prolonged cranking.

Big Dave
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