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69 nova wiring

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im thinking about going through my nova and getting rid of all the bs wiring that people have put on the thing for the past 34 years...thanx again
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I havent seen one online yet.(though there are several of the other years online) You could get yourself the haynes manual for the '69-79 V8 Novas it has the diagram for all years along with tons of other information.....Good luck.
If someone with a '69 Chassis Service Manual (Chevrolet, Chevelle, Camaro, Chevy Nova, Corvette) has a scanner, the wiring diagrams are in there.
My scanner died recently or I'd scan them for you.
hey well thanx anyways guys......i won one of the 69 nova wiring diagram replica book of the ebay///anybody looked at one of them?..and i got the in dash owners manual...its pretty i need a new glove box liner and my gloxe compartment will be 85%!!!
Someone on steve's site is offering the wiring diagrams for Novas.

I was able to get one for my 72. He sends them in PDF format.

Good luck.

[edit] that would be me, all the wiring schematics are available in PDF format in the "Air, Fuel & Electrical" section at


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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