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68 ss nova???

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hi guys, first of all let me say i'm a newbie here.a friend of mine just inherited a 68 nova small block. it's originally a west coast car that's been sitting in pieces for about 20 yrs. eveything is there, in boxes. what i want to know is, is there any way to tell if it's a real ss? it supposedly was a lt-1? there is no paperwork at all on the car. from what i saw it had bucket seats, auto w/console, and chrome valve covers. there are no ss markings anywhere on the car. any help would be appreciated. i'm a regular on the chevelle site, but don't know much about novas, sorry. any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
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69NovaSS said:
Without paper work it may be tough to say
Here's a quote from the above link that sums it up:

"1968 thru 1971 = optional package: there is no way to verify an SS these years without some original paperwork. In-dash tachs, floor consoles/shifters, console gauges, bucket seats and even 12-bolt rears are NOT indications of a real SS. There were real Super Sport Novas built with the standard dash, column shifters, bench seats and 10-bolt rears. However, you can guess at it's originality. First, all 1968 Super Sports have finned front drum brakes (standard Novas have non-finned drums), and all 1969-71 Super Sports have power front disc brakes. The next thing to check is the engine code. If the engine is original (the last 6 digits of the VIN are stamped on the engine block) and it has a application code (also stamped on the block) that decodes to an SS only engine, then you have a real SS. Without the original engine or some original paperwork, you're basically out of luck. "

Dan (good luck with it):)
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