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'68-'72 va '73 bench???

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'68-'72 vs '73 bench???

I picked up a really nicely redone '73 bench for my '72 2-door. It's complete and I figured it would be a bolt in but today I find the width is perfect but front to back the bolt holes don't line up with the ones in my floors. I'm thinking no problem, I'll swap the tracks with the old '72 seat and be good to go.

Can anyone say that this will work or will I be rebuilding the '72 with the cushions and covers from the '73?
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Dennis are you positive the seat came from a Nova? I thought the tracks and frames were all the same 68 - 74.
Well - the seat I just picked up was out of a '73 and as it turns out is identical to the one I already had except the track bolt holes in my orig were modified so they lined up. When I bought my '72 the seller said the seats came from a doner Nova. I guess anything is possible.

I swapped the tracks on the seats and bolted the new seat in... It does have me wondering though about 4 door cars and if the seats were different. Chalk it up to one of those old car mysteries I guess...
I know the bucket seat mounts changed in 72, but I'm not sure of the bench seat stuff. This could be the problem you are having though.
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