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Hey fellow Nova people!

I have owned a 67 2dr sedan since I was a teenager. My father and older brother helped me rebuild it over several years. I'm not a teenager anymore, lol. 25 years of experience in bodywork and mainly light mechanical now. I've decided to do the LS conversion. If you want to call it that. I am in the midst of getting my hands on an LSA and 6-speed manual as a package deal. I'm taking out the failed I am tired of chasing carb issues because of crap fuels in Florida. I just got back a 12 bolt that I had narrowed to fit with 373 gears. She has all of her original sheet metal and has custom made frame-connectors that prevent 99% of the flex that use to occur.

I'm looking at multiple options for fuel tanks. What is the census? What is everyone using for fuel tanks? I know the factory tank is just not going to be an option for multiple reasons. I know I have to have an in-tank fuel pump and need a return line. Please help with your advice and knowledge on what is going to be the ideal option for my car?
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