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'65 wagon...

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I've got my eyes on a '65 wagon. It's got a decent driver paint job, 2 tone white roof light blue body. All chrome is straight and decent driver quality as well. Interior is about 80% there and in good shape. The dash needs paint and a couple panels are missing in the back. It's a running driving 6cyl 3speed manual car. On initial look, there are no visual signs of rust, seller says the floors are in good shape. And there was only light surface rust before the car went to the body shop. It's got front disc's and the suspension's been gone through. It could use a new windshield, it's hazing up on the edges...

1> anything to check for out of the ordinary?

2> I've seen show quality wagons advertised from $12k and up. I know it's hard to say sight unseen but any help in value is apprecated.

3> will 15x7" wheels fit on this car? If so what tire sizes?

4> TIA...
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Its worth what your willing to pay for it. Thats all that matters. If you can get it for a price you can live with. (DO IT) The price of these first generation Novas are going up everyday. If the body is clean and straight thats all the better. 15X7 with 4.5 backspacing will fit fine with 235X60X15. Its a 65 so it should have five lugs. As far as what I would look for is rust anywhere on the car. Areas - lower quarters and wheelwells - bottom of doors - lower rear door. Pull the carpet back some and check the floors and trunk areas for pin holes. check below and around the battery tray. Check for slop in steering. I would jack up the car so the front wheels are off the ground and check for play. I would do the same with the rear. But if it was me the only thing I would be really concerned about is how clean and straight the body is. Body work is costly if you can not do it yourself and most of of can not. We can swap motors and trans all day but can not even fix a small dent to our own liking. Just my opinion. People who can do body work correctly and fab. sheet metals are gods in my eyes.
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a little late, but.
they don't repop rear 1/4's for wagons, and the wagon is longer than a sedan or coupe.

not sure on the 65, but 62-64 rear tail light housings are different on the wagons too.
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