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'64 Nova Power Steering Control Valve & Cylinder.

Hey guys,

I've been having a bit of an issue with my power steering on my '64 nova wagon. I posted another thread prior dealing with the steering wheel turning very rapidly by itself after the new power steering was put in.
I was given the knowledge that there is air still trapped in the lines, and I need to bleed that completely out for the wheel to no longer turn abruptly on it's on like that.

I was thinking the power steering lines which connect from the Control Valve to the Power (Slave) Cylinder may have been put on backwards. There are only 2 p/s line connections on each part, 2 on the control valve and 2 on the slave cylinder.
My question is, just so I have peace of mind that I have the lines hook up right... does anyone happen to know which lines from the control valve connect to the female connections on the slave cylinder?

I have posted some pictures for a visual of what I am talking about.

You will see in the picture of the control valve, p/s lines marked 562302 and 562306

I am confused as to which connection on the slave cylinder the other end of the p/s lines connect to.

I tried looking all over the internet for a proper diagram, and I spotted one from a corvette that shares the same p/s system. however, in the diagram the lines pass behind the control valve so you really cannot easily depict which hose is which.
I have added any and all pictures for help on what I am talking about.

I have never had to deal with this kind of Power Steering setup before, and needless to say it's been quite trialing.

Any help or guidance as to where those lines go from the control valve to the power cylinder, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks much in advance. :thumbsup:


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Re: '64 Nova Power Steering Control Valve & Cylind

If you have an assembly manual it will be illustrated in there with an exploded view diagram, part numbers, where to apply thread sealant and the torque values. I don't own an early year Chevy II any more so I don't have those manuals. They are still copyrighted by GM so they can not be posted without this board getting sued anyway so you will need to look on a corvette board for the info in their assembly manuals as they are all rich and can afford a lot of lawyers to argue this stuff.

(theoretically using the picture to teach some one should be under the fair use doctrine, but it takes lawyers and a court hearing to see if the judge agrees with you or GM). For that reason they are prohibited.

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