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454 grind n bang when starting

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hello, i started up the 72 nova after a couple months of sitting, after turning over a couple times the starter stopped working than i banged on it with a wrench so it worked again and than i heard the grind and bang sound and slower turning. realy hope its not the engine anyone have any advice?
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Starter motor needs to be shimmed to the correct distance and the bolts replaced. You banging on the starter motor knocked it out of alignment. If you had been using starter motor bolts (with knurled shoulders) it should not have moved at all which is why I think you have regular cap screws instead of a dedicated starter bolt.

Adjusting a starter; you can use a medium paper clip as a gage wire:

Brass Starter Motor Shims are sold by Mr. Gasket:

Starter Bolts are different!

The knurled section fits tight within the block as the bolts press themselves into the softer cast iron:

Big Dave
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