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440 cubic inch Small block(Olds based Novas)

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Hey I thought that some of our members with the Olds version of the Nova (Omega right?) might be interested in this motor. It is based on the olds 350 diesel block and has 440 cubes.(it can have more:eek: ) A new Mondello rotating assembly for this motor which includes custom crank, pistons & pins, rods, degreed damper, flex plate, rings and bearings is all of $2600.00....not a terrible price...
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Philip said:
The block used with the 350 diesel was the only strong part of the engine. The heads and fuel delivery were awful. It seems like it would be easier to just drop a 455 in and save a bunch of money.
they actully change the heads on this buildup too. You can use better SBO heads or you can use BBO heads on it. BUT as with all olds motors the heads and specificly the exhaust side of the head are a weak point. But ya switching from a SBO to a BBO is one of the easiest swaps you will ever do as everything bolts right up including the frame and motor mounts.;)
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