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4 Speed Shifter Hump

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Can anyone tell me if 4 speed shifter hump is used for a non-console nova?
Most catalogs that list item do not say if it is for console car or non.
Currently putting a 71 non console bench seat 4 -speed together and would like to do it right. Seems like it would look good, and not sure if the carpeting will work out to fit it. Appreciate any help...

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JJ the hump is used with both. It provides clearance under the floor for the shifter assembly and a nice mounting surface for the boot.

I am restoring a 69 ss396 4 speed bench seat car. The car was raced back in the day and part of the original tunnel was cut for a super shifter. When researching the same for my car, I found that the bench cars did not seem to have the hump, in fact the original part of my cutout was still intact and the chrome shifter boot plate holes line up perfectly. Hope this helps

The hump was only used in bucket seat cars and was for the mounting of the console. Bench seat cars never came with a console so no hump needed for a bench seat.
Also FYI, from what i've learned, the shifter hole was cut using a template and a cutting torch, therefore the hole will like it was an afterthought.
I admit I am more familiar with Chevelles than Novas and Chevelle non console cars required the hump to provide the shifter clearance and the flat mount area for the boot and trim. The Nova shifter boot for non console cars consists of 3 pieces, the rubber boot, a floor plate and the trim bezel just like the 68 - 72 Chevelles. The floor plate attaches the boot to the floor and has mount holes for the trim to attach. The only way I can see that a hump would not be necessary is if the shifter comes through the floor centered on the tunnel where the floor is almost flat. Can some of you post photos of the non console and console applications so I can learn more. Thanks.
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