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4 spd install question

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I have a 64 Chevy II originally equipped with a 3 OTT & 194 eng that I want to install a 4 spd that I took from a Pontiac Astra like a Vega style car. the 4 spd has a tall 1st gear that I like, my Vega wound up to 40 mph be for time to shift. This also will be great for my future V8 install. ***I am wondering if I can still retain my Bench seat***. The 4 spd is the same length as the 3 spd so no problems there drive shaft fits also. I can't find the shifter lever & linkage to compare the two shift lever positions. I have it but its MIA. Cutting the floor & welding the new floor shift hump in no problem there ether. Just would like to keep the bench seat. Any one out there came across same problem??? thanks in advance, Jay
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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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