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I have complete 72 Caprice with a 402/400 trans.
I would love to put the motor into a 74 nova I have

I am hoping the frame and engine mounts form the caprice will swap right into the nova.

It the frame and motor mounts form the caprice will work on the Nova the motor should go right in ?
I figure some one here would know...
Any Ideas?

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Welcome to the Team Bennett!

Yes aside from using different style motor mounts the engine and transmission will drop right into your 1972 Nova. You will need to change the drive shaft's front yoke to the larger TH400 31 spline output shaft and shorten it. The transmission cross-member you have will still work but needs to be slid back on the back of the sub frame. You will need to buy late model (1969-'72) interlocking V-8 motor mounts and change the one bolt rear transmission mount over to the older two bolt style. I recommend buying polyurethane plastic mounts from Energy Suspension for all three parts.

Depending upon the old motor that you had you will need a bigger radiator because you just installed a big block sized motor into your car (you just saved 240 pounds of excess cast iron by choosing the small block version). I personally would attempt to reuse the one out of the Caprice cutting open the core support to allow air to flow through. It will be too big (too wide and too tall), but it can be made to fit by fabricating new mounting points if you can weld up some sheet metal mounts.

The only other issue that comes to mind would be the exhaust manifolds. They may or may not fit. If they are rams horns they should be 2.5 inch in size and should fit in your car, if thay are the newer log style they probably will not fit which is ok as they are the smaller 2 inch size that you probably do not want anyway.

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