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1970 springs and shocks?????

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I reproduce custom detail decals, primarily for 1969 Chevelles. I've been approached lately to do some for other models as well.

Have been asked by a 1970 L78 Nova owner to do a number of decals for him, including springs and shocks. He unfortunately does not have a build sheet to confirm these codes and part numbers. Anyway, he has decided to go with codes for a similar car if we can come up with the information.

Can anyone on here provide the following information from their similar car?

1) - Front springs 'two digit' alpha code.
2) - Front springs part number.
3) - Rear springs 'two digit' alpha code.
3) - Rear springs part number.
4) - Front shocks 'two digit' alpha code.
5) - Rear shocks 'two digit' alpha code.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Contact greg Roberts at the Nova Research Project

He is the man with all the numbers and letters.

The front spring ID sticker off my 70 396/375 F41 suspension car is HH with the p/n 3955727. This number has shown up on other 70 BB Novas. Hope this helps. SULLY
It definitely helps Sully, thanks.

I'll follow up on your suggestion Tom, thanks.
Don, when you contact Greg he can give you the info from my original 70 L78 car. I have both of the colored build sheets for that car. All the component codes and related info is shown. Let me know if I can help further.

Tom, would you be able to scan that buildsheet and email the image to me? That would give me a lot of the information we need. I understand if you are not comfortable in doing that. Thanks.

Just for information sake, here is the page on my website giving an overview of what I've been doing for the Chevelle dudes.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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