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I have a 1970 Nova that has a 307 with a power-glide transmission. I am trying to think of what to do to this car. The interior is in good shape, body is ok and it runs and drives. However common the transmission is beginning to slip and the engine has always late. I can diagnose the leak but I’m wondering if I should even bother with trying to do too much to this engine if I’m going to swap it out. I want to switch out my brakes to allow me to have more stopping power and get an engine and transmission without going overboard too much to where I would need to replace a ton of suspension and drivability issues. I’m willing to upgrade some stuff but I primarily want this to be a reliable driver without needing to make it a crazy fast racer. I just want to enjoy it. I have about 12k to put into it but want to make changes that will be worth it and allow me to continue driving it. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as engine, trans with possible suspension and brake set up that i can do for around 12k?
A lot of the work i can do myself and have the tools but looking to make the best bang for my buck. Suggestions appreciated.
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