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1966 nova wagon questions

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Hi guys. As you can see by my post count I`m new here. I mostly hang out in the chevelle site. Anyway, I`m going to look at a 1966 nova 4 door wagon and I was wondering where a good place to get parts was. I don`t know much about novas but I`ve always like the 66-67 body style and I figured a wagon would be good for the family. It`s a project but it`s suppost to be pretty clean. I hope to be checking it out sometime this week or this weekend. I searched around on google and found a few sites but I did`nt find the stuff I was looking for. Mostly I`m looking for interior parts like seat covers and door panels and carpet kits for the wagons. I just want to see whats available for this car before i get too involved with it. If there isn`t much available for a 4 dr wagon I might pass on it depending on the condition of it. Thanks guys.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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