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Chris the early Chevy II was originally offered as a four cylinder car; with a small six as the big high performance motor (a 194 or a 215 cid six originally, but later the factory offered all three sizes of 194, 230, or a 250 six cylinder up until 1965 when the factory added a shoe horned in place V-8 that had it's own special block, oil pan and clutch system just to get it to fit.

In all honestly I can not strongly enough recommend getting an after market front clip for your 1962-'67 Chevy II as the factory front end is held together with a rubber band and a washer nailed in place with one screw. You can not use anything but a special oil pan and oil pump to fit the oil pan with the factory front end in place. Because that box that forms the inner fender is the car's frame you can not go and cut it out without weakening the car.

Once you change over to an aftermarket Mustang II kit, that everyone sells, you can put in any motor and tranny combination that you want, with a regular oil pan and headers to fit your new frame rails.

Big Dave
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