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15X8...69 nova...yes-no?

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i have a sweet deal on some 15x8 rallys......anybody know for a fact that they will fit?....i just wanna make sure they wont stick out further than the rather have them be able to travel up and down without rubbing on the fender...or does anybody have a link to a 69 nove set up with 15x8 rims?...thanx again
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Back spacing would be a good thing to know, what the rims have and what you need. I don't see a 15x8 rim not fitting on a 69. But the link below will show a neet little tool for finding out.
yea i saw that earlier..the rims are about 80 miles away..and he doesnt know the inset or outset or whatever it i found a nice set on ebay...local ebayer.....and he has a set of 15x7..there at 125 right now with about 6 days sure 15x7 will fit without a doubt...used rallys with damaged rings and caps shouldnt go more than 200.local pick up.....hopefull i can win those...
I cant imagine them not fitting either. Rallies look great on Novas too. I just dont think i could go back to the heavier steel wheel after running billet for so long. But now you can get aluminum rally style wheels....hmm maybe some ideas for the project 69.....

i think the 15X8 Corvette rally wheels might stick out a bit too far for a Nova. they don't have a lot of backspacing to them.
the 15X7's would fit perfect, tho.
hey i got some brand new rims!! that new...66-68 origanal rallys..15x7 im sandblasting them..then spray some aluminum paint on em....i got pic's in my link...check em out tell me if 200 was a good price..
The rears will probably fit as long as the backspacing is right, but the fronts will probably rub on the wheel wells as you turn. You may be able to play with tire size to get it all to fit, but bear in mind my 15 x 7 wheels fitted with 215/65/15 rubbed, simply because the backspacing was 1/4" different from my old wheels using the same tires!
so whats a good size tire to use ?...69 body..15x7 can i find out the dimensions of the rims?
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