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  1. Body Shop
    Ive searched the net to no avail. My nova has some stage 1 surface rust (hopefully that's all) inside 2 panels that a hand cant get to, such as the underside of the roof skin (where that insulation stuff is) and the underside of the trunk skin. The only way I can think to remove it is media...
  2. Restoration Corner
    My Nova is nothing but rust. well, there is a small portion of the car that isnt rusted out but other than that, it is a beautiful shade of brownish red. What is the best way to begin taking the rust off? I will be doing the bulk of sanding by hand for fear that a sandblaster would create a hole...
  3. Body Shop
    Hi All, New here and trying to prioritize my build and identify really where to start. See the link below for my intro thread with photos of the car Now to my question... The Pain Machine ( reference intro thread) has rusted floor...
1-3 of 3 Results