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  1. 1962-1967
    Hi Fellow Novaheads, I discovered that my car starts in gear and reverse lights are not working. I'm assuming it's my Neutral Safety Switch. I tried multiple Auto parts stores with no luck. All they have is the column version. I also noticed that my start switch rod is also missing. It Does...
  2. 1962-1967
    Hi Folks, I noticed that my car starts in any gear. Also that my reverse lights are not working. I'm guessing its the NSS not working. Could someone tell me where the location of it? I have a 63 SS, 194 ci. Powerglide. Thank you, Rex
  3. Driveline
    Hello, all. I came across a 1971 Nova with a powerglide and a B&M Prostick. I know nothing about the history of this car (long story). I am trying to figure out if it has a manual valve body. I’ve never driven a car with a manual valve body transmission (or with a Prostick for that matter)...
1-3 of 3 Results