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  1. Forum Classifieds
    Tach. dash W/clock for A/C, floor shift car. not cut or broken $250 several used driver quality grills, straight $40 ea. some have support pieces bolted to 'em. '68-'9 used tail lights 1 broken back up lense $40pr. trim panel between the tail lights $40 I'm in central Fl. 786-246-5873
  2. New Member Introductions
    Just found Team Nova! HI... Got my '72 SS in 82 and have rebuilt it twice...:o 1st time was a fail... lol This time - all new metal; uni-lower1/4s-door skins - hood/trunk/roof/shadow still original. Now crate 415 hp plant - powerboost hydro brakes with 4xdisk - virtually everyhthing is...
  3. What's it worth?
    Hello all, I would appreciate your help in putting a value on some bodies, parts and pieces that I accumulated years ago; located in central North Carolina. I will get them out of the woods if there's a market for them. I'm including a link to my Picasa album with more photos. Thanks in...
  4. Forum Classifieds
    Hello All, I’ve spent countless hours online trying to get an (approximate) answer to this question, but feel I’m no closer than when I started. I was hoping for an expert assist from your community if you’re willing to help (a potential buyer would be welcomed as well). Bottom line is that I...
1-4 of 4 Results