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  1. 1962-1967
    I'm having trouble getting the parking brake cable to stay attached under the dash. tried jb weld epoxy, but it's not strong enough. now i see there is supposed to be a clip that holds this cable in? anyone have instructions or a diagram they can share? also, the left rear parking brake seems to...
  2. Nova Tech
    I just took my '70 Nova SS for inspection in texas and failed due to my "Parking Break don't not hold". I was wondering if anyone knows why it won't latch on when i step on my parking break, it will go down but, as said above, it won't hold and just stays released. I also need a schematic of how...
  3. Brakes & Suspension
    when i got my 71 nova it didnt have a parking brake and being a manual trans i think i need one. so i got the cables and everything. i put it all in and it seemed to work fine for about a week then it got loose and wouldnt hold the car from rolling on hills. i adjusted the nuts up farther so it...
1-3 of 3 Results