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  1. Engine
    Hello, Had time to fabricate and install fuel lines on my on-going '62 project. I use -6AN SS flex from the tank to the frame, 3/8 hard-line under the frame, and then convert back to -6AN SS flex from the frame to the engine bay / EFI carb. I found the biggest hassle with the SS flex hose is...
  2. Performance
    First off thanks for the great site and all the tech help you have given me in the past! Im on the other side of the world right now fighting Taliban in the dessert, but will be home soon to continue working on my hot rod nova. I have a 72 nova with a mild 355ci sbc in it. The currrent fuel...
  3. Engine
    Hi, I have a Sean Murphy Induction 750dp, I was driving the other day and thought I ran out of gas but came to find out that I was not out of gas, but my front (forgive me I dont know the exact nominclature for these parts) fuel injector is not spraying fuel into the manifold. I have tryed to...
1-3 of 3 Results