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  1. Heating & Cooling
    I need to know what the freon capacity is for my 69 Nova with factory air. It has a 350 in it if that makes a difference. Does any one know?:confused: Mine was converted to R34 several years ago but none of the labels showing capacity still exist.
  2. What's it worth?
    AC box and most of the setup from 72 nova. The engine bay cover and compressor etc. Most likely going to sell to finance other parts? Do they make these and what are they worth? Thanks, Rob
  3. Nova Tech
    If you have ever worked on a Nova with air conditioning, then you know the pain associated with changing the #8 spark plug and removing the passenger side exhaust manifold. Usually, the compressor has already quit on these cars, and sometimes portions of the system have been removed. At this...
1-3 of 3 Results