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Please consider our Sponsors for your next purchase or inquiry.
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Ground Up Restorations &
Nova Restoration Parts Your Source for 1962-1974 Nova Parts, 1964-1972 Chevelle Parts, 1967, 1968, and 1969 Camaro Parts, 1971-1981 Camaro Parts, and 1964-1972 El Camino Parts.
Classic Chevy 5 Speed Classic Chevy 5 Speed
nov06.gif - 608 Bytes 2380 Camino Vida Roble, Suite M
Carlsbad, CA 92011
Phone:760-438-2244 email:[email protected]
Specializes in complete Tremec overdrive transmission conversion kits for classic Chevy cars including Chevelle, Camaro, Impala, Corvette, 55-57 Chevy, and more.
Classic Chevy 5-Speed is an authorized Tremec Distributor
GP Superstore GP Superstore
nov06.gif - 608 Bytes Group Purchase Discount Auto Parts
You can save from 5% to as much as 50% off of the suggested retail price.
In every case, GP Super Store's goal is to put together group purchases that will beat the price retailers.
aaw_.jpg - 2801 Bytes American Autowire
dec06.gif - 574 Bytes American Autowire manufactures high-quality wiring harnesses, kits and components for today's Street Rod, Restoration and Performance Enthusiasts.
American Autowire is the 2006 SEMA / ARMO Manufacturer of the year!
Pypes Exhaust Pypes Exhaust
jan07.gif - 605 Bytes Whether you’re working on a Classic American Muscle Car or a late-model Camaro, our innovative products, superior quality, great customer service and exceptional technical advice allow you to make your exhaust purchase with absolute confidence that you are getting the best materials, best fit and best value available anywhere.
Newstalgia Wheels Newstalgia Wheels
jan07.gif - 605 Bytes Your Internet Wheel Source for Street Rods, Muscle Cars and Trucks! We have assembled together the most desirable and sought after street rod and muscle car wheels into one location.
new-stal-gia n(y)u-'stal-je' \ n 1. having merged and/or combining the better parts of both old & new.
Classic Performance Products Classic Performance Products
mar07.gif - 594 Bytes Classic Performance Products, Inc. was established in 1991 by Jim Ries. With over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, CPP focuses on providing top quality steering, brake and suspension components along with unparalleled service.
We are continually working to meet and/or exceed YOUR needs
MuscleRodz MuscleRodz
jul07.gif - 529 Bytes MuscleRodz is a dealer for AGR steering boxes, pumps, resovoirs, and rack & pinions. We have a best price guarantee where we will match or beat any publicly advertised price out there.
Customer service is our number one priority.
Stock Appearing DragsStock Appearing Drags
jan08.gif - 568 Bytes The most notorious muscle car site on the net, where action speaks louder then words.
The spot where you can actually get your car covered in a National auto magazine like Hemmings / HotRod / Muscle car Review / Muscle Car Enthusiast / High Performance Pontiac / Mopar Action / Car Craft / Popular Hot Rodding. etc.

The place where when the flag drops, the BS stops!
BSM Exhaust Works & Hot Rod Service BSM Exhaust
feb08.gif - 568 Bytes BSM Specializes in high performance exhaust for all GM muscle cars.
Featuring Pypes Performance Mandrel Bent Exhaust products from Complete Systems to Mufflers, Tips and Exhaust Accessories. We also sell CTEK battery chargers/maintainers for all your battery charging & storage needs.

Great pricing and prompt, knowledgeable service.
YearOne - American Muscle Car Parts YearOne - American Muscle Car Parts
apr08.gif - 562 Bytes Phone#: 800-932-7663
Email: [email protected]
YearOne is pleased to offer members of Team Sites a 15% online discount with promotional code: TEAM15
This code is only valid on website orders only and may not be used over the phone. Members will get an additional 5% off orders over $500.00 or an additional 10% on orders over $1000.00.

For the best selection, customer service, and YearOne guarantee choose YearOne for all your Camaro, Chevelle, Corvette, Monte Carlo, Impala, and 55 56 57 Tri Five Chevy needs!

Matt's Classic Bowties Matt's Classic Bowties
oct08.gif - 497 Bytes We specialize in Pro-Touring and Restoration parts for 67-Up Camaro / Firebird, 64-72 Chevelle / A-Body, 62-74 Nova / X-Body, 47-Up GM Trucks, and 55-70 Full Size.

We are a dealer for Baer, IDIDIT, DSE, Unisteer, Metro, Golden Star, Goodmark, OER, Dynacorn, OPG, Right Stuff Detailing, CPP, Classic Auto Air, and many more!"

Old Air Products Old Air Products - Cooling the Classics
dec08.gif - 512 Bytes Specializing in Custom A/C & Heater Systems for Streetrods, Vintage, Antique and Classic Vehicles. Also Specializing in Original Replacement A/C & Heater Systems parts for the 50's thru early 80's vehicles.

"Keep your MuscleCar Cool"
Air Ride Technologies Air Ride Technologies
dec08.gif - 512 Bytes Air Ride Technologies is the definitive name in air suspension systems. We offer Several quality air suspension systems for all your classic muscle cars. If you're looking for superb ride quality and that hardcore cornering performance suitable for any race track, we have a complete car specific system ready to bolt In your Hot Rod   Phone 812-481-4787   email [email protected]
Grundy Worldwide- Collector Vehicle Insurance Grundy Worldwide- Collector Vehicle Insurance
Jan_09.gif - 512 Bytes For a free quote or information, call 800-338-4005
Or, you can log onto
As the first insurance agency to ever offer such coverage, Grundy Worldwide began selling collector vehicle insurance in 1947. Our "Agreed Value" policies include Unlimited Mileage, Trip Interruption, Towing and Labor Costs, Inflation Guard and Auto Show Medical Reimbursement - and, you can receive all of this for up to 70% less than what the standard insurance company will charge. We understand your passion, and we know you deserve the best rates.

From classic cars to muscle cars, we've got you covered!
Keisler Engineering Keisler Engineering
Jan_09.gif - 614 Bytes Keisler Engineering, the Innovator and Originator of Tremec Transmission Kits, offers members of Team sites a special discount with promo code KEISLER TEAM. Shift into Overdrive with Keisler's market leading manual and automatic transmission kits.
Whether you're looking for affordable 5-speed or 6-speed manual transmissions and kits, or the ultimate in Paddle Shifted automatic transmissions for road and track, we've got you covered, in stock for quick delivery.
Toll Free (888) 609-0070 x1 - [email protected]

For the best product selection, price and customer service guaranteed, choose Keisler for all your overdrive transmission needs. Since 1991, leading the market with Innovation and Value!
Performance Parts Auto Accessories Performance Parts
February 2009 Sponsor When you contact you reach specialists with performance experience. We have experience in NASCAR, IHRA, NHRA, and karting competition. Our staff has significant experience in engine building, with one ASE Certified Master Machinist on staff. We have decades of experience in purchasing and marketing the best brands and the highest quality products in the performance aftermarket.

Not Auto Parts... Performance Parts!
The best brands, the lowest prices; that is the promise at Performance Parts.
Hotchkis Sport Suspension Hotchkis Performance
February 2009 Sponsor For over 15 years, Hotchkis Performance has been building the best GM muscle car suspension systems on the market. Hotchkis suspension components deliver modern sports car handling thanks to cutting-edge engineering, rigorous track testing and superior domestic materials. Our systems bolt on, preserving the soul of your GM muscle machine without cutting and welding.
From Sway Bars and Sport Springs to A-Arms and complete systems, our parts provide thrilling performance, the perfect height and a comfortable ride. Phone 888-735-6425 [email protected]

Hotchkis Performance: Designed, Built & Punished in the USA.
Retro SoundRetro Sound
February 2009 Sponsor Retro Manufacturing, LLC is Dedicated to designing and engineering innovative radios and speakers for the Classic car Market under our Classic and Retrosound brands of radios and loudspeakers.

Located in Chino, California our company's employees have many decades of combined experience in the 12 volt and consumer products industry. Our company is always working on making our products better and providing superior value and quality.

Feel free to call us at 909-364-1372 or email us at: [email protected]

International Inquiries welcome!
Holley Performance ProductsHolley Performance Products
Mar_09.gif - 658 Bytes Holley Performance Products is the parent company of Hooker, Weiand, Flowtech, NOS & Earl's. Holley carburetors power every NASCAR® Sprint® Cup team and every NHRA® Pro­Stock champion. The Holley brands include performance fuel pumps, fuel injection, plumbing, nitrous systems, exhaust systems, intake manifolds, water pumps, superchargers, cylinder heads & engine dress­up products for street performance, race and marine applications.

Holley has been the undisputed leader in fuel systems for over 100 years.
Flaming River IndustriesFlaming River Industries
May 2009 Sponsor start Flaming River offers a complete catalog of quality automotive parts to update or modernize the steering system in your street rod, hot rod, muscle car, or classic car. We're the only complete steering company that provides for all of your steering needs—using all new parts... absolutely nothing is rebuilt. Whether you need tilt columns, steering wheels, rack & pinion kits, universal joints, or steering boxes, we have the perfect fit.
If it doesn't say Flaming River... it just isn't good enough!

For more information, please contact us at 1-800-648-8022
Auto Metal DirectAuto Metal Direct
Jun_09.gif - 641 Bytes Auto Metal Direct is your source for Chrysler and GM Muscle Car and Truck Sheet Metal. If you don't see what you are looking for please feel free to call one of our team members. Your experience with Auto Metal Direct is extremely important to us so please let us help in any way we can.

Please browse our online catalog.
Driverz IncDriverz Inc
Jul_09.gif - 598 Bytes Driverz Inc offers the best in custom wheels, automotive accessories, and customer service. With years of experience in the automotive aftermarket, we have the product knowledge to answer all of your questions, and help you achieve your automotive goals.

Let Driverz Inc help you with custom wheel fitment, and automotive accessories, that put your ride above the rest.