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Old Feb 6th, 06, 08:04 AM
owlhoot owlhoot is offline
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Default fixing door gap

I have just installed a new 1/4 panel and the door gap is to big between door and panel what are some idea's on getting the gap smaller. I was thinking of welding a medal rod on the 1/4 edge and working it from there. anybody have any suggestions thanks Al
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Old Feb 9th, 06, 12:30 AM
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Default Re: fixing door gap

This may be a little late, but you NEVER install a quarter without having the door on and you adjust the two prior to welding.

1. Have you adjusted the door back?

2. If you can't move the door back any more, yes you could do the rod trick. However, there is usually an easier way. If you look inside the quarter you can likely move that edge forward with a dull chisel or screw driver an a hammer. The repro quarter will most of the time not have crisp clean body lines, that edge is likely not very sharp. You can place an autobody spoon on the quarter at the edge and strike it with a hammer to squash down that edge, sharpening it AND pushing it toward the door closing the gap ("Basics of Basics" body panel alignment)

Doing both the chisel on the inside a little, and the spoon on the outside a little may get you there. Also, look at the color of the parts, this can be very deceiving. If the panels are black (or one of them) the gap is going to look larger than if they were white or another light color. ("Basics of Basics" Color choice)

I just yesterday finished up a late model Mustang that got a door and quarter, both in black primer. I was fighting a large gap and then was reminded of this and took a closer look, nope the gap was just fine.

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