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Default Re: SBC to BBC conversion '68-'74

I look at it this way. I'm not getting any younger; and if I don't share what I know while I can still remember it, it will all be lost when I go. I didn't spend as much time in a dealership as you did, (only about two to three hours a day while waiting for my friend to get off work as he was the lead mechanic on the service line), but it was productive spent roaming the entire dealership from the parts stacks to the dumpster (a lot of old catalogs got tossed every year). My full time job was as an industrial engineer making the parts that went into if not Chevrolet parts bins some bodies as I was involved in heavy industry for 17 years before it all folded shop and was sent overseas. I designed and maintained dies and punches, castings (sand and investment) weldments(working with shears brakes and punch presses) and stampings (deep drawn to a depth of 14”), even making my own fasteners from bar stock with automated screw machines to make rockets, transformers, dishwashers, and electrical cabinets and enclosures for heavy power distribution. So I have played with every machine tool, and made every form of part imaginable over a career that spanned less than thirty years (I made a mistake and allowed myself to get promoted into management).

I want to share what I have learned over the decades; I learned a lot of it the hard way but I am a degreed mechanical engineer and I am willing to teach others what I can remember. By the way my misspent youth hanging around the dealership for my friend to get off was so we could go to the shop we shared and build race cars all night until we got up and started over again the next day. It wasn’t all textbook learn’en.

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