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Originally Posted by jerryt View Post
Well I took the tires off of my nova. The rear where cylinders are dry. Rear brake lines are also dry. Checked front caliper they are dry and the hose is dry. I bled the brakes no air. I test drove car the brakes work. But at a stand still with the foot on the brake the pedal starts to sink. I read if you pump brakes three times and with pressure on the pedal start the car the pedal should go down and the booster should be ok. So that leads me to the maste cylinder?

What do u think
JMHO, but yes, it sounds like you have a bad master.
Do the line lock test I described in my other post, to verify.
Also, 69Nova350 had some very good advice with pulling off the boot and checking the wheel cylinders on the rear drums.
A very small flat tip screwdriver (like the kind that you can clip it to your shirt pocket) or a pick will work. Just pull the end that attaches to the wheel cylinder down and see if any fluid runs out or if you see moisture inside.
As you said, should be dry, but if you didn't pull the boot loose, it may be leaking and not show.
Please use care when pulling that boot loose, so you don't tear or rip it.

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