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Default Re: Measuring for suspension on a 67

Couple of issues there.

Your frame is 5/32 thick cold rolled steel pressed into an open rectangular shape then spot welded to some 14 gage flat sheet metal. Not quite what I would pick to build a frame out of but it was good enough for the car's original intended use as a 120 horse power (three times as much raw tire shredding power as a similar weight VW bug).

Whether it will hold an LS engine without popping every spot weld or balling the body up in a ball (what happened to my '67 with a 600 horse 427 ) I don't know: but Grumpy built a full tube frame for his Vega body that had a a bigger four banger in it than the Chevy II when he installed a 327 SBC under the hood.

Things I din't like about my Chevy II. The drivers side tire wheel, spring and shock tower sheet metal came right off the car on a hard launch (going up wasn't so bad but the landing was a little rough). The car had a noticeable pressure crease through the roof and passenger side C column after that. Took me carving half the fenders off to mount a decent size (31.0" x 14.0"‐16) drag slick tire. Of course carving the shock towers up to gain room to install a BBC probably didn't help either, but I had just bought my formerly brand new acetylene torch and put it work on this car.

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