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Default Re: Best Shop Manuals?

I relied upon the factory service manuals for work on cars that I owned (I bought all of them for each year and I am glad I did). The only Chevy I have doesn't have a set of service manuals is my new Silverado because GM doesn't publish manuals any more they are all on the factory computer network and are printed out by the tech in the back of the parts department as needed to work on cars. The problem with the factory manuals is they were written for skilled mechanics who knew how to R&R every part of the car just to be hired.

I also have a series of Chilton's and Motor's service manuals that were written with the gas station mechanic in mind as they go into the details of each R&R and have illustrations and diagrams showing the procedure. They illustrate the procedure with all makes of cars and are not brand specific so there isn't as much information to glean. The books changed each year to include new models so it is best to buy one that includes your car but is a few years younger to get any changes that GM might have made.

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