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Originally Posted by smf396 View Post
thanks for the parts info, its ben driving me crazy trying to put this 396 in .its just not sitting on the frame stands, now i will be changing them but i havnt had an ishue with my th350 transmission not being close enough i dont understand wht i would have to get another cross member?
BBC frame stands move the motor. If you do not also move the mounting point of the transmission you put a strain on the transmission case and it will break. Additionally you change the pinion angle so the drive shaft will vibrate. If you use the SBC motor mounts you do not have to change the transmission cross-member, but you will not get off the shelf headers to fit because they are made for a stock installation that used BBC frame stands and matching motor mounts. Hooker used to make a set of headers for a BBC in a Camaro sitting on SBC frame stands but it didn't work with P/S or A/C. When Garry Hooker sold his business to Holley, Holley dropped that set of tubes from their catalog.
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