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We bought a 1966 4-door Nova with what believed 1967 Nova front doors. Much appreciate the members' pics of their own cars showing the 67 door lock knobs under the arm rests of their non-67 Novas!

The driver's side front door locks normally. I saw right away it doesn't have the 1966 push down lock button (that our rear doors have.

That's indicating 1967 front door locks that have hidden lock rods with a chrome knob under the arm rest for locking the door from the inside.

Ours doesn't have those interior knobs, due to 1966 door panels that don't have the knob under the arm rest. But if locking, that'd be great.

Passenger side lock cylinder turns fine with the same key as driver's side & trunk. But passenger side locking with key has no resistance and no locking.

Pulled the panels to find driver's side has a lock rod and connecting parts to the lock cylinder, that the passenger's side is missing. At least we have the correct lock cylinder and the main rod that locks the door.

Can anyone please help locate these rare 1967 lock rod parts?

I'll post the pictures soon, showing all the pieces the driver's side has. And the passenger's side's absence of the locking rod, and the oblong connector to lock cylinder, and the three clips we're needing to hook them up.

Note: the up-angled locking connector on passenger's side (where we're missing the connections to lock cylinder), that 45 degree angled rod indeed works. It does lock the door! I can pull it down and the normal sound and action of locking and unlocking the door occurs as it should (if we had the missing parts that the driver's side has.)

If only I'd convince everyone to use the car without the door panel - haha.

Again we're missing the pieces from the 1967 Nova passenger side door. Which is installed on our 1966 4 door Nova.
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