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Default Re: Carb help please read

As I mentioned earlier you are not obligated to make your blown car a blow through. If you do not have a blow through carb then make it a draw through and put the carb before the blower in the intake circuit (Just think of a blown drag car with the carbs on top of the blower. That is a draw through system with a Roots style blower). You will need an adaptor something like a Wilson Elbow though you can make one of your own out of aluminum sheet welded to a one inch carb spacer to mount a square bore carb to the blower intake. You will need another similar adapter to mount on top of your intake manifold in place of the carb which has now been moved to the blower.

You need to read about what you are trying to do so you can make some informed decissions. You will have to solve more than this little problem to get a blown car up and running.

Big Dave
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