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Default Bad shocks or wrong tire size?

Lately my car has been making scraping noises on the rear passenger wheel whenever I go over a bump or a dip in the road. Also had three friends ride in my car the other day and had to rearrange seating arrangements due to the heaviest guy was sitting in the back seat over that tire and causing it to make huge scraping noises. Iím thinking I need new shocks.

A friend of mine said it might be due to tire size. I just checked my tire size and discovered my tires in the front are actually a whole inch taller than my tires in the back. That wouldnít cause scraping in the rear but makes me think I might need to change tires just the same. In the pic Iím including it shows my tire size comparison. Tire 1 is my rear tires and tire 2 is my front tire.

My rear tires are P235/60/R14 and my front tires are P225/70/R14

Iíve read that stock tires are P195/75/R14

My local tire shop says they could fit that size on my existing cragar rims. Would that be recommended?
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