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Default Re: New member with a Nova project

Welcome to the Team Ryne!

Sorry I missed your first post. Love the color, and kudos for some fine body work. Love the idea of a full frame, and even more the idea of a full frame with LS-x power. Hate the idea of you guys using a Ford nine inch rear end as it just promotes the myth of that rear end compared to the strength of a Dana 60 without the parasitic power loses.

I also note that your transmission cross-member is welded onto your powder coated frame which will make it difficult to upgrade your transmission choice in the future when what ever you are using (I assume it is a 4L65e) is replaced by another with a different mounting point (as occurred when the TH350 fell out of favor, and the 700R4 rose in popularity). As I see the Alison six speed out of the 'vette becoming more popular with time as the price of used units drops, and this car looks to be more show than go.

Also is that Yellow masking tape beneath the key in the trunk deck, or paint?

Big Dave
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