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Rachels72 Jun 18th, 19 06:42 PM

Hi and thanks for the add to the group.

I'm finally parting with my 72 Nova SS. Does anyone here use real people to appraise their vehicles or have a recommendation? I've checked Haggerty and NADA and I'm not sure if I'm leaving money on the table.

The car is well documented and been in my family since it was new. It's been restored but not a 10. The 396 I put in it years ago is tired but I still have the original 350 block that will go with it.

Any help or advice would be appreciated


Big Dave Jun 18th, 19 07:24 PM

Re: Appraisals
Local sales will be determined by the economy of the are you live in. A car sold in Paducah, KY or Minot, ND might not generate the cash of a sale in New York, LA,. or in Sidney Australia, or Dubai UAE. Most out of your area buyers will be limited to a half days drive from your location. Check your local Auto Buyers mags at your local convenience store for prices in your area.

Believe it or not there are more millionaires per square inch living in Sarasota and Long Boat Key than in any place in the US. It is only when there is a big storm the blows all of their RR cars off the island, and their 120 foot long pleasure boats out to sea do you hear anything about them. Just like real estate selling a car for maximum dollars is all about location.

Big Dave

62 NovaWagon Jun 19th, 19 12:03 AM

Re: Appraisals
Welcome to Team Nova!

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