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Magnus Feb 1st, 19 12:59 AM

Recommendations for cooling of BBC in a 69'
So yes my current setup hasn't gotten the attention it needs, hence this post.

I have a budget 2 core crossflow summit aluminum radiator product link,
Dimensions : 25.25 in. Wide, 19.75 in. High, 2.25 in. Thick.
Core : 20.750 in. Wide, 18.000 in. High, 2.250 in. Thick

Mechanical 6 blade Flex-A-Lite fan, probably this one, with 1-3/4 distance from fan base to radiator.

Stock Tall water pump

No AC, Manual trans.

I am running 190F on a 50F day, then it climbs to 200 pretty quick if I am sitting still. No wonder as it is lacking a fan shroud! :hurray: So I am always worried about the temps running away, now I gotta fix it.

I would love some recommendations for either fixes for my current setup, or a nice fit combination to drop in, radiator with electrical fans or as big dave probably will say a mechanical fan (I read the sticky thanks)

Comments? Open to suggestions.

62 NovaWagon Feb 1st, 19 09:06 AM

Re: Recommendations for cooling of BBC in a 69'
Yep, two strikes against you now that fan and no shroud. Put a factory mechanical clutch fan with a shroud with the fan positioned with the blades centered in the opening, second choice would be electrical using a dual Winstar or similar, they pull a hurricane of air, but you would have to step up on the alternator since they do pull a lot of amps on start up, you can make it easier by using two sending units so only one turns on at a time, In fact I been thinking of converting my Nova to electrical, either system installed properly will work fine though.

Big Dave Feb 1st, 19 10:45 AM

Re: Recommendations for cooling of BBC in a 69'
Have you read my sticky on this subject?

Big Dave

brian oneil Feb 1st, 19 06:03 PM

Re: Recommendations for cooling of BBC in a 69'
If you want to run electrical fans, what ever you choose put them on a relay.

Magnus Feb 1st, 19 08:38 PM

Re: Recommendations for cooling of BBC in a 69'
Thanks for the replies.

Big Dave, thanks for putting together the sticky post, I did read it before posting. I still wanted to chat with you guys, and poke your brains.

I just don't want to sink more money in a bad solution if there is a better one and instead just putting the money towards that right away, a have less time to work on stuff, but can compensate with money if it is the right thing to do. Never a balance between the two, money/time that is.

I was wondering if the Summit radiator is a little small, only 2 cores and the dimensions, I have yet to really stomp on my motor either, just crusing in colder temperatures so far, so idk how much heat its gonna put out.

I also hate that the radiator doesn't have a built in petcock (that can be fixed with a trip to someone that welds Al).

Relays and proper electrical planning isn't a problem, but thanks for pointing it out.

So if I was going to go for just a shroud and new fan, with the fan correct spacer. What product would you recommend? Currently in my car I have the small block radiator top support bracket, which if I went with a repro/stock fan shroud for big block probably wouldn't fit? Or are you suggesting trying to get some sheet metal generic fan shroud?

Big Dave Feb 1st, 19 10:08 PM

Re: Recommendations for cooling of BBC in a 69'
What you have is adequate for about 300 horsepower or a moderate SBC.

All BBC engines installed in 1968-'70 Novas bodies were factory offset about an inch to the passenger side and raised a little more than a half inch on the drivers side to get them to fit between the frame rails and clear the rear steer gear box. If you have a 1975-'79 Nova it stays put in the center of the frame because the gear box is in front of the axle out of the way.

So if you have a 1968-'70 Nova then your opening in the radiator core support and the matching fan shroud are offset an inch from the middle of the car, as well as being two inches wider than the SBC opening to cool a larger core.

Two rows of tubes in your core is standard for a SBC. A SBC with A/C would have three rows of tubes. A BBC radiator starts out two inches wider than a SBC core and it has a minimum of a three rows of tube. A BBC Radiator adds to it's cooling capacity from there by adding a forth row of cooling tubes which is more than twice the size of what you have now (if it were copper instead of aluminum).

Aluminum radiators use two one inch diameter tubes in cheap radiators; to one and a quarter inch tubes in the high priced versions to increase surface area that aides in cooling. So saying you have a two tube is normal. It is the diameter of the tube that makes the difference.

Further it makes a difference if you have an automatic transmission. Not because of the included tranny oil cooler in the tank, but because of the added heat an automatic radiator has more fins per linear inch to cool the added heat from the automatic. I always buy an automatic radiator even for a manual trans as to get that added cooling capacity (I don't use the in-tank cooler for an automatic instead I add a large external cooler instead).

By the way if you have a late model Nova with an engine in the middle use the Firebird fan shroud as Pontiac didn't move their motor in their fireturkeys because a 455 is the same size block as a 350.

Big Dave

Magnus Feb 1st, 19 11:43 PM

Re: Recommendations for cooling of BBC in a 69'
Okay, this was what I suspected. Meaning I am starting out with a budget radiator that isn't a good base for my engine combo.

I am all too familiar with the offset(it was a non big block car from 1969), as I had to get the right motor mounts, and dealt with clearance issues with headers and steering box.

Radiator core support could be opened up I am sure. Probably just need to search on here to find some info on that.

To be honest the Summit radiator was $150 or so when I bought it, it replaced an old copper one years ago. I am all for letting that go for a good price to some local hot rodder in need and me getting a proper one.

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