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mr.banjo Dec 31st, 19 09:06 AM

63 hardtop door alignment
my doors were sagging, removed fenders, loosened the #4 Philips on the cowl side of hinge, removed the latch to bring the door towards back and up.
Seems to be back as far as adjustment will allow (could be a tad more)
however when lifted at latch end to line up at the top of 1/4 panel its like the wing vent is stopping it. The top of the wing vent frame (new rubber by the way) seems to be very tight against the pillar. I assume there is no adjusting the vent frame and that would now create a window track problem.
Anyone go through this themselves?

Big Dave Dec 31st, 19 12:34 PM

Re: 63 hardtop door alignment
Welcome to the Team!

Since the vent window assembly is removable there is a means for adjustment. BUT if you move one thing something else has to move. These cars were never show pieces when new. The factory hung doors by putting them on a from a cart in the amount of time it took for a pneumatic wrench to run down the screws.

Cars you see with perfect gaps are thanks to welding and grinding to build up, or remove material to get that perfect gap. The Chevy II was an economy car built by Chevrolet to make money not to produce a miniature Cadillac.

Big Dave

Aukai Dec 31st, 19 01:28 PM

Re: 63 hardtop door alignment
Hinge bushings OK?

mr.banjo Jan 1st, 20 12:12 AM

Re: 63 hardtop door alignment
Thx Dave, your right, but just trying to get the door to line up with the quarter panel lines.
And yes hinge pins have no slop

mr.banjo Jan 2nd, 20 12:05 AM

Re: 63 hardtop door alignment
Ok seem to have the doors aligned at least at 3 points:
door to cowl looks good
bottom of door at front now even with rocker
back of door at top lined up and even with quarter panel
However, both doors stick out a bit at the bottom, at the quarter panel
I have heard of blocking the door top and pushing the bottom in to straighten the door, anyone have a suggestion on how to do this, what to use?
Sounds common that these 56 year old doors get warped, bent etc.

mr.banjo Jan 2nd, 20 12:08 AM

Re: 63 hardtop door alignment
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mr.banjo Mar 11th, 20 10:33 PM

Re: 63 hardtop door alignment
Loosened the door side of the top hinge and pulled the door outward at that point away from the cowl and the door went in at the lower rear great but now the cowl/door gap looks too wide :mad:

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