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68SS427 Jan 1st, 16 01:57 PM

1968 Nova console harness connector
I need the plastic connector housing that is on the end of the dash harness section for the console gauges. Mine is broken. It would be the piece that plugs into the console harness not the one on the console harness. Where will I find one of those beasts?

Carl Stevenson Jan 1st, 16 03:09 PM

Re: 1968 Nova console harness connector
Can you post a picture of it?

I am betting it is a Packard connector, likely 56 series.

Google Packard Connector and you'll find lots of places selling them.

Big Dave Jan 1st, 16 05:09 PM

Re: 1968 Nova console harness connector
American Auto Wire-AAW sells a complete replacement console harness (which was not included as part of the base electrical wiring harness). Things like power windows, power seats, even a map reading light to replace the standard dome light required a special wire harness. that was different from the standard grocery getter.

Big Dave

68SS427 Jan 1st, 16 09:26 PM

Re: 1968 Nova console harness connector
I already purchased a 68 Camaro console conversion harness, the one they sell for the Camaro to convert the dash harness for console gauges. I bought it at Carlisle from a vendor who told me that it is the same plug as Nova. WRONG, it is not. I spent a lot of money just for the plug. Crap. So I get home and the Camaro plug has more wires going thru it so the plug is bigger and does not plug into the Nova console side plug. All I need is that damn plastic housing. I have lots of Nova consoles and console guage harnesses but no extra dash side wiring, just the out of my 68. And it has the low fuel warning as well which is strange. It is the original console and gauges to my car. I thought that low fuel warning was a Camaro thing, never saw it in a Nova in my lifetime until I bought this 68

70chevybb Dec 10th, 16 01:51 PM

Re: 1968 Nova console harness connector
I just put in a new aaw 500878 kit. I have my original wiring and should have that connector. Its a 72 harness i would think that would be the same

Big Dave Dec 10th, 16 02:55 PM

Re: 1968 Nova console harness connector
You can not assume anything on a 1968 since it introduced the car to the public and the bean counters at GM at the same time. The bean counters went over the entire car questioning everything on it (such as the low fuel light) often asking are you sure it needs a motor, we could make more profit (and bigger bonus checks for ourselves) if it could be left off.

Big Dave

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